Dec 042019
bow thayer lympus

In anyone else’s hands, the “bojotar” might be a pricey parlor trick. The inventor of this hybrid instrument, Vermont singer-songwriter Bow Thayer, combined a banjo, resonator guitar, and electric guitar into one axe. But this is a far cry from one of those one-man bands busking in the subway with some ramshackle contraption strapped to his back. The bojotar doesn’t look or sound particularly strange, but it gives Thayer a twangy slide/picking combo impossible to achieve with a traditional instrument.

He eventually got a guitar company to make them properly (they appear to be sold out now) and wrote “Lympus” on the company’s prototype. The song’s a spooky traveller’s tale steeped in folklore; it could be hundreds of years old if it didn’t make references to meth labs and King Arthur Flour. Bow worked with Levon Helm before his passing and that Band lineage comes through powerfully here. Someone get Robbie Robertson a bojotar.

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  1. Oh my! With all due respect, this is PURE Bow Thayer, does Bow say he was influenced by The Band? Bow wanted a drummer who played like Levon Helm, a mutual friend hooked them up, and the Late Great Levon Helm graciously brought his talent to the studio for the recording of Wingless Angels. Bow, please correct me if Im mistaken about the Band influence. I kinda see that as an insult to you 🙂

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