Jan 072021
marcie hernandez

Vermont singer-songwriter Marcie Hernandez is sick of answering questions about what winters are like where she lives, and she vents about it on her new song titled, appropriately enough, “Winter.” The chorus goes, “Glassy smiles crack under pressure / Someone shoot me if they ask me / ‘Bout the fucking weather one more time.”

“That line is about a wedding that I went to where I had to make a lot of small talk with people I didn’t know,” she writes in an email. “As soon as I said I lived in VT, people would ask me about the winters there. It started to feel draining pretty quickly.”

If this song constitutes venting, though, it’s gently done. The orchestrated folk-rock, led by Vermont Symphony Orchestra chair Matt LaRocca’s beautiful violin lines, offsets any actual annoyance (it’s the sort of sound where the chorus’s F-bomb lands quite unexpectedly, and is more impactful for it). And “Winter” touches on much more than just mild social irritation, encompassing seeing friends grow apart, her own mixed feelings about this time of year, and being “bi-cultural” – her parents come from Puerto Rico, and she sings as much in Spanish as she does in English.

The repeated “Winter is coming” motif is not, however, a deliberate Game of Thrones reference. She’s never seen the show.

Listen to “Winter” below and pick up her new album Amanecer at Bandcamp.

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