Jan 122018

Plastique Mammals

The song titles on Plastique Mammals’ debut album are fantastic. “The Whirring Keeps Me Up At Night.” “There Are Bigger Men Than Me.” And, maybe my favorite, the vaguely sinister “Twice As Many Bees.”

Here’s the thing though: all these songs are instrumentals. Plastique Mammals is Remi Russin on bass guitar and synth loops and Evan Raine on drums. No vocals. The ingenious titles in no way reflect the lyrics, because there aren’t any. Which got me wondering: how do you title a song with no words? Continue reading »

May 032017

waking windows vermont

We normally don’t do concert previews here. My goal with this young blog is to spread the gospel of Vermont music to an audience beyond the state’s sometimes-confining borders. And writing about regionally-specific events generally goes against that mandate.

This weekend’s Waking Windows festival is an exception.

Waking Windows is the Vermont music scene in microcosm. In some respects the Burlington equivalent of SXSW, Waking Windows surrounds a few bigger names (Real Estate and Dan Deacon this year) with dozens of the state’s best local bands. Naming the best Vermont artists playing the festival almost doubles as naming the best Vermont artists period. And that is exactly our mandate. Continue reading »

Mar 072017

The Mountain Says No

In the era of so-called “peak TV,” no show has been peek-ier than Game of Thrones. So it’s no surprise that the show has inspired its own musical tributes, from zany covers of the theme song to YouTube to artists like Sigur Rós and Mastodon cameoing in the show itself.

Now, a Vermont rock band called The Mountain Says No has recorded their own Game of Thrones song titled, appropriately enough, “Game of Thrones.” But to make it even more meta, it’s really a tribute to the fandom surrounding shows like Game of Thrones and how a share love of a show can bring people together in real life (Breaking Bad gets a shoutout too). Continue reading »

Feb 222017

tyler daniel bean

Tyler Daniel Bean describes his first music video’s concept succinctly: “When you try to make a video about what happens when depression takes over the house and you decide the best way to show it is by dancing around in your underwear for 9 hours and then cutting it down to the length of a song.”

Like certain David Lynch films, the video for “Willow II” gives a series of everyday scenes – a man making coffee, eating breakfast, aforementioned underwear dancing – an ominous tone once you notice the protagonist’s empty stare. He appears to be living in a picturesque forest-cabin setting without noticing or engaging. As the images progressively get less mundane – his bandmates begin rocking out around him, most notably – his blank gaze remains the same.

Like the record it comes from, On Days Soon To Pass (one of our favorite albums of 2016), the “Willow II” video explores Bean’s struggles with depression. In this case, the video concept came from a metaphor he learned in therapy: Continue reading »

Jan 032017

In our inaugural post last week, we named Vultures of Cult’s album Pastoral the best Vermont-made album of 2016. The doom-metal quartet have been area mainstays for a decade, but sadly, in addition to being their best album, Pastoral will be their last. A member is moving away and they won’t continue without him.

However, the band has released one final song, the storming seven-minute “In Atlas’ Gait.” The track serves as a perfect introduction to Vultures of Cult, blending stoner riffs with hollow hollering straight from the edges of the abyss. Fans of Harvey Milk or, more obviously, Black Sabbath will find a lot to like here. Continue reading »

Dec 282016

Welcome to County Tracks, a new blog that aims to explore music new and old from the great state of Vermont. We’ll be kicking off in full in January, but we couldn’t let 2016 pass us by without a look back at all the great music the Green Mountain State produced. From heavy metal to light-as-air folk, Burlington to Brattleboro, Vermont musicians delivered incredible albums across the musical spectrum. Check out our countdown below, and see you back here next year. Continue reading »