Dec 122019
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When you hear “parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme,” you no doubt imagine the bucolic harmonies of “Scarborough Fair.” But Jason Cooley borrows the phrase in “Hit,” and he’s certainly no Simon or Garfunkel. The punk shouter roars the line at 11, just as he roars every line, hollering his voice hoarse in the span of a pretty short song (half of which is a guitar solo).

Channeling the rough-and-ready likes of Black Flag or OFF!, “Hit” makes no pretensions to being more than a very catchy, very loud rock song. The lyrics, such as they are, barely matter (the only reason he evokes that Simon & Garfunkel line in the first place is to rhyme with…”I got no rhyme”). The song is all energy, attitude, and volume. “I need a hit, not just a little bit,” goes the chorus. There is nothing “little bit” about this one.

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