Dec 062019
lowell thompson

What is the titular castle the characters in Lowell Thompson’s Americana gem “Castle” plan to meet at? A music video – which might be fan-made, his website doesn’t include it – takes the word literally, using old footage of a knight and princess dancing in front of a castle (albeit one only two feet taller than they are). I doubt that’s what Thompson had in mind.

His protagonist doesn’t exactly sound like royalty, for one, with a car that leaks gas all over the road. He’s more of a lovelorn romantic offering his would-be princess a rather limp pitch: “Do you think that you could let him go, and, if so, would you consider me?” That doesn’t exude courtly confidence. He even admits his un-wooed addressee thinks he’s “barely man enough.” He sounds less like a knight in shining armor and more like a fumbling Zach Braff character, which makes him all the more sympathetic.

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