Mar 202020
vermont bandcamp

As you may have heard, Bandcamp is waving all its fees until midnight tonight to deliver 100% of the money to musicians. In this time of cancelled gigs and an uncertain future, artists need your support more than ever. So go nuts. To start, here are twenty-five great 2020 albums to buy there.

Note: Bandcamp’s site is currently pretty overloaded. So bear with it. And, if none of their embeds show up below, reload this page until they do.

Adam Rabin – Things Fall
Genres: Progressive rock, piano jazz, nerdcore

A2VT – Twenty Infinity
Genres: R&B, Afropop, songs for dancing around your bedroom

Babehoven – Demonstrating Visible Difference of Height
Genres: Indie rock, dream pop, they left Vermont but we won’t hold that against them

Barishi – Old Smoke
Genres: Loud metal, even louder metal

Becky Tracy and Keith Murphy – Golden
Genres: Bluegrass, old-time roots music, fancy fiddlin’

Bleach Day – As If Always
Genres: Psychedelic rock, dream pop, drugs

Brand New Luddites – Terms and Conditions
Genres: Punk, indie, robot rock

The Bubs – Cause a Fuss
Genres: Art-rock, punk, cathartic yelling

Chris Weisman – Closer Tuning
Genres: Bedroom pop, lo-fi, prolific DIY guy who was made for this moment

Community Garden – Don’t Sweat It
Genres: Post-punk, indie rock, bass grooves

Couchsleepers – Only When It’s Dark
Genres: Indie rock, pop, bedtime jamz

Evergreen Avenue – Farewell, For Now
Genres: Ambient, electronic, meditation music

Father Figuer – Transitions
Genres: Slowcore, shoegaze, music that seems like it would be great to drift asleep to but be careful because it will get loud abruptly and jolt you awake

Fern Maddie – North Branch River
Genres: Americana, folk, angelic harmonies

Jo Bled – The Accumulation and The Radiate
Genres: Jazz, improv, hope you like drumming

Kin & 13aDLuck – Fire Out
Genres: Hip-hop, rap, underground realness

Kingfisher – Kingfisher
Genres: Indie rock, dream blues, lying in the grass

Lily Wade – 5teen
Genres: Indie rock, bedroom pop, 15- (now 16-) year old prodigy

Love and Japan – Tears for Vanishing Ways
Genres: Post-punk, new wave, Joy Division-core

Northern Harmony – A Thousand Radiant Marks
Genres: Choral, a cappella, angelic sounds we’ll presumably hear just after we die from coronavirus

Rico James – Nickels
Genres: Beats, so many beats

The Röse Parade – Hyena Dream Machine
Genres: Experimental, industrial soul, Nine Inch Nails meets Miguel

Shore Rites – Shore Rites
Genres: Indie rock, jangle pop, Real Estate covering The Cure

Strawberry 3000 – all good things, part 1: t h e s t o c k t i p
Genres: ’80s, synthcore, the Repo Man soundtrack

Wolfhand – The Devil Arrives
Genres: Symphonic metal, doom, wizards (I assume)

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