Nov 162018

the onlys

In year where Beach House returned, Low garnered some of the best album reviews of their career, and Slowdive continued their surprising second life, The Onlys picked the perfect time to join the dream-pop renaissance. The Vermont quartet have their second EP, Decay, coming out November 29, and just released the first single “Tell Me.”

“Tell Me” channels Galaxie 500 or the mellower sides of Yo La Tengo with a lot of reverb and light touch of pscyhedelia. As which much of the genre’s best music, the echo-y haze does nothing to obscure the supercatchy pop song within. “The song is based around a feeling of indecision and uncertainty,” the band writes. “It’s about helplessly looking for direction and knowing (but really just thinking) that it could never be found internally.”

Listen to “Tell Me” below, and catch one of their upcoming shows:

11/29 – Burlington; EP Release show at Arstriot with Father Figuer, Kingfisher, and The Pyros
11/30 – Lowell, MA at The Bush
12/1 – NYC at Trans-Pecos

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